Key Issues

Fighting to Make NJ More Affordable

By expanding the largest property tax rebate in state history – up to $1,500, reducing student loan debt, and making a sales tax holiday for back-to-school supplies to put money back in your family’s pocket. 

Using Science and Common Sense

Investing in an economy that creates high-quality, high-paying jobs for people of all backgrounds, fighting to ensure all families have access to clean air, clean water, and open space, and combating the climate crisis.

Advocating for Everyone in Our Community

Eliminating barriers to services for seniors, veterans, women, our LGBT communities, and people of all races and religions, keeping us safe from gun violence, and ensuring access to high-quality education for all.

Supporting Small Businesses

Eliminating barriers that hold back New Jersey’s 900,000+ small businesses and providing them with the resources they need to succeed. 

Investing in Mental Health

Funding affordable, high-quality mental health services to ensure a safe and healthy future for our youth and families

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